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Transformed Hair: Longer-Lasting Smoothing and Straightening Treatments

Last week, you saw five steps to style your curls and bring out their natural beauty. Combined with a quick in-salon anti-frizz treatment, it’s easy to tame curly hair – and even improve manageability for a faster blow dry. Win-win, right?

But what if you want a longer-lasting solution?

You can completely change your hair – less frizz, better manageability, longer curls, or even completely straightened. While another option gives you straight, straight, straight hair for an entire year. Even if you aren’t naturally curly, some of these treatments are great to fight the Houston humidity or even the frizz we face everyday.

Tempted yet? Read on for a look into Brazilian Blowouts, Global Keratin and Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning treatments. Then check back in the upcoming days for cheat sheets with everything you need to know on each.


Make sure your pro is certified in the hair treatment you want. This not only gives you the best results (they invested the time to learn each system), but ensures your hair stays beautiful and healthy. Growing up with naturally curly hair (proof to the right), I was determined to train with numerous companies for smoothing and permanent straightening systems, including Brazilian Blowouts, Global Keratin, and Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning treatments.

I know it’s tempting, but never (EVER!) try to do it at home. Hair could break - significantly. Your scalp could burn. You could ruin your color. We’ve all heard the at-home horror stories; don’t be one of them.

Your stylist can advise on the right treatment for you. Going to someone new? Ask questions like how many treatments they’ve done and how many years of experience they have. Your hair pro should examine your hair’s health and get your hair treatment history. Be honest with them! Certain chemicals can’t intermix. For instance, you can’t get a straightening treatment if you’ve had a relaxer; you would only be able to do smoothing treatments because they use keratin and amino acids.


It’s all about expectations. What do you want? Straight as a board hair? Longer curls? Talk with your stylist to be sure they know exactly what you’re looking for.

In the meantime, here’s an overview of treatments available.

Brazilian Blowout

Probably the most famous of the group. The Brazilian Blowout gets rid of frizz while promoting intense shine. It works on almost every type and texture, even fine hair. You’ll be in and out of the salon in about an hour and a half, and post-treatment routine is minimal. You can literally workout that night!

But what about the formaldehyde? To start, it’s a gas that is created from heating up the keratin and the bonding agent that allows it to adhere to the hair. Fun fact: there’s actually very, very small amounts of formaldehyde in a lot of common beauty and house hold products. There’s no more in this than in your nail polish. As long as it’s applied by a trained professional, you’re safe.

Results last three to four months, depending on maintenance and routine. We actually have clients who can stretch theirs to five since the product is cumulative; the more Brazilian Blowouts you have, the longer they last!

Global Keratin

This keratin smoothing treatment is similar to the Brazilian Blowout; however, you have to wait 48 hours to wash your hair and it doesn’t contain formaldehyde. It’s a gentler formula of keratin treatment that uses Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend. It breaks down your hair’s natural structure, which is then rebuilt (basically, cracks in the hair shaft are filled in with keratin) with a very hot flat iron, making it straighter and smoother – but not dead straight and not permanent. There’s also a curly formula if you want to keep your curls but get rid of frizz.

Your hair will be dried straight but you’ll leave with the treatment in your hair. It will feel a bit heavy but silky soft. Then… it’s time to wait it out. After 48 hours, you can wash your hair, leaving it smooth and soft with more volume. You’ll see results for three to four months, again, this depends on how often you wash your hair and if you use the Global Keratin shampoo and conditioner.

Japanese Straightening

Japanese Straightening (or Thermal Reconditioning) is best for someone who wants absolutely straight hair – and fewer visits to the salon. For those with curly hair who envy silky straight tresses, it’s a miracle. Make sure your hair stylist knows if your hair has been processed in any way; they will be able to tell if you’d be a good candidate (meaning your hair won’t be damaged).

Japanese Straightening takes about six to seven hours, but you only have to come in once a year for new growth. You also won’t watch it slowly disappear; your hair will be completely straight until new hair grows out of the scalp. But that also means it’s not reversible, so you’ll have to wait to get curls or texture back until hair fully grows out.


Tell us below in the comments! Already a fan? Give us more details on your fave treatment!

Don’t forget to check back in for everything you need to know about each smoothing and straightening service. Starting with your cheat sheet to the Brazilian Blowout! We’ll answer all your questions, like: What is it?; Will it make my hair completely straight?; Is it safe? What should I expect in the salon, and more!

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