Hair Extension Aftercare: The Do’s & Don’ts to Keep Your Extensions Luscious, Longer

Janelle Alexis Flatt

August 26, 2018

My (not so) dirty hair secret is out of the bag…the hair isn’t entirely mine. For over a year I have been getting extensions and hardly anyone has guessed. My main goal, thicker, fuller hair and getting in a little extra length!

Whether you're pondering upon extensions or just starting to try them out, I’ve learned some aftercare tricks along the way.

Here’s the do's-and-don'ts to keep extensions lasting longer and looking good.


Don’t worry, keeping up with your Fusion, Microlink/iTip, Tape-In, or Sew in weft extensions isn’t that hard.

But it's you who has the power to either perfect or destroy those extensions…dun dun dun

Don’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours; although the ideal time is 48 hours. The more time you give bonds to seal, the better. This also helps with your slippage, giving no chance for moisture to get in between the bonds.

Shampoo hair as you normally would. Just make sure to be soft! And…

Don’t use products that contain parabens, or sulfates. They dry out the oil in your natural hair and causes a worse result with extensions. You will also be prone to irritation in the scalp, fade in color and hair loss. Not fun.

Do be careful with conditioners, oils, or sprays. Only apply from the mid-shaft down, avoiding the bonds. Although, this is something you have probably already been taught with natural hair. If the extensions are feeling dry, leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils are great.

Do make dry shampoo your new bestie - if it isn’t already. Even without extensions, you should be washing your hair as little as possible. With extensions, aim for washing no more than twice a week. This is where a GOOD dry shampoo is imperative, getting rid of oiliness and ensuring less slippage. The lines we carry in our salon are Kevin Murphy, Oribe (Janelle’s personal favorite), Living Proof, and Goldwell.

Don’t just run a brush through your hair. Brush your weave girl! Start with the bottom of your hair and brush out the tangles, then continue to work upwards towards the points of attachments. Janelle is awfully specific about this and shows you how to correctly brush your extensions during her consultation. You are also required to book out a month out appointment to make sure you are caring for your extensions properly and to fix anything that could be wrong with them. In your goodie bag at the end of your application is the Janelle Alexis Salon’s exclusive hair extension brush. Don’t have one yet? We can fix that, stop by the salon and get your very own!

Don’t sleep with wet hair. Here is why. With tapes, it makes them slip faster, with beads, the moisture can cause the beads to slip, with fusions, it breaks down the bond, and with wefts, it causes mold and mildew. We are not joking, yes girl mold. So just follow the darn directions that are provided to you at the end of your visit. 

Do avoid salty or chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine can harm your extensions the same way they harm your natural hair. Salt water….. It absolutely, 100 percent will make the bonds slip and the tapes loosen. Also, chlorine can start changing the texture and sometimes the color of the extensions. Again, follow the rules!


Wondering what you need to know before you get extensions? I’ll share a bit more about the process, Janelle’s amazing skills, the many types of extensions, and styles we’ve done to my hair in the past in my next blog.

Until then, check out before and afters in this portfolio.

Have questions about maintaining your new extensions? Ask me below in the comments!

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