Confident Curls: Steps to Tame, Tousle, and Triumph Over Natural Curls

Janelle Alexis

August 2, 2018

Curls and Houston heat and humidity are a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I have naturally curly hair. Some will do all they can to fight their curls – like using straighteners daily or trying to apply treatments that should be done by trained stylists at home - only to leave hair damaged, dry, and even more unruly.

Take a look at some tips to style your natural curls. And keep scrolling for more on a fabulous way to de-frizz your curls in-salon in under 90 minutes!


Most of the time, curly hair is lacking moisture. Cue the frizz.

  1. Start in the shower with Living Proof’s new curl enhancing line. It’s made just for you. Even better their products are sulfate free, silicone free, and color safe. (Always something to look for.)  Their Curly Conditioning Wash both cleanses and conditions. Then use a dime-size amount of Curl Detangling Rinse. With good products, less really is more. This balances moisture while replenishing lipids (your natural oils), giving you defined and frizz-free hair up to two times longer.  
  2. The trick? Don’t fully rinse out the detangler.  
  3. Before drying, apply Living Proof’s Curl Defining Styling Cream or Styling Mouse.  You know almost every hair product says, “for best results, use with… [coordinating products]”? Since this is a new, breakthrough technology, it’s 100% true. I swear by it.  
  4. Don’t use your hands to scrunch; it will actually make your hair frizzier. Instead use a towel or soft t-shirt.  
  5. Either air dry hair or use a diffuser to blow dry.  Your diffuser is your friend. Flip hair upside down and dry on medium speed. Crank up the heat and flip your head to the side and dry, and repeat on the other side to get hair off your scalp.

That’s it! Your curls will pop with definition and volume. Stay tuned for a five-day styling progression video – I’ll show you my personal routine each day which takes no longer than five minutes.


I have a super busy client, Lisa, a real estate agent - aka not a lot of time to spend in the salon. She loves her hair but struggled with frizz around her hairline, grabbing a flatiron to smooth the little hairs our (which is so not good for your hair; it can easily break it). I suggested this to get results quick. She was in and out, and could even do yoga that evening – and could thankfully wash and style as usual after the class.

How?!? Goldwell’s new Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service.

It's an ultra-hydrating in-salon treatment, ideal for anyone wanting to get rid of frizz. is basically an express smoothing service that beautifies the hair’s natural shape and volume for 4-6 weeks.

The silk and keratin-based treatment is a new breed of in-salon smoothing treatments. Quick science lesson: The formulation is a blend of glyoxylic acid, silk proteins, and keratin (a fibrous protein that is the primary component in skin, hair and nails) that once absorbed, repairs the broken keratin bonds and strengthens your locks.

Basically, wavy hair will still be wavy, and curly hair will still be curly – it will just be frizz-controlled and smoother. It will also cut down your styling time post-treatment, making hair easier to manage and style at home.

One final point: It takes less than 90 minutes – so you can tackle your frizz on your lunch break! You can even wash your hair the very same day.


BOOK ONLINE or give us a call at 713.780.2412 to be one of the first to try this de-frizz service at Janelle Alexis Salon, conveniently located in Tanglewood, just outside the 610-loop and Galleria area.

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