Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know on the Brazilian Blowout

Janelle Alexis

August 30, 2018

No doubt, you’ve heard of it before. You’ve seen before and after shots. And you may be looking to get it done yourself.

For some, the Brazilian Blowout has become notorious in the hair realm for its transformative (and dare we say, life-changing) qualities, eliminating frizz and promoting intense shine. It works on almost every type and texture, even fine hair.

We gave you an introduction to smoothing and straightening treatments in this blog. But, let's get into the details with a crash course on this smoothing treatment. We’ve outlined some common questions – myths, benefits, and everything else you need to know!

Read on for your cheat sheet on the Brazilian Blowout.


It’s a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and armoring hair against external damage.  The smoothing treatment originated in Brazil, and uses indigenous ingredients including acai berry, annatto seed, and camu camu.

End results are similar to other keratin treatments; although, the Brazilian Blowout has a mild formula that can be tailored to your hair, and is a little less precious post-treatment. Basically, you get it done, your stylist rinses it out, and that’s it. You’re back to your normal routine.


Only if you want it to. The treatment is sealed in with a flat iron. The more your stylist flat irons, the straighter your hair will be. So if you just want to tame your frizz but keep your hair curly, this will make it more manageable. Just be sure to tell your stylist exactly what you want, so they can tailor the treatment to either preserve the texture of your hair, or make it smoother.

Keep in mind if you have naturally curly hair, it won’t air dry to pin-straight. The overall goal is to make strands less of a burden to work with, so you’ll still have voluminous body with waves if air-dried. But what would normally take 30 minutes to blow dry, now takes half.


Yes, it’s perfect for any hair type, and helps improve shine and moisture levels. Originally, Brazilian Blowouts got a bad name because there’s formaldehyde that’s released with the keratin bond. But, there isn’t any more in this than what is in your nail polish; it’s a very, very small amount. Formaldehyde is actually all over the place – in trace amounts – like lotions, sunblock, baby wipes, bubble bath.

There’s two situations where breakage could occur. One: if too much formula is used. That’s why you should always go to a certified Brazilian Blowout Professional. And never, ever try doing it at home. Hair can also break if the stylist goes too hard with the flat iron, so be sure to tell your pro if your hair can’t take a lot of heat.


The process takes about an hour and a half, depending on length of hair and thickness. Your stylist starts by shampooing your hair multiple times. This removes all product and creates a base for the treatment to adhere. Working in sections, the Brazilian Blowout formula is applied, then blow-dried smooth and sealed in with a 450-degree flat iron. Then it’s back to the shampoo bowl to rinse out the treatment. I usually follow it with a deep conditioning mask, and once again blow-dry hair smooth.

It’s also completely safe on color-treated tresses, so you can get color done then follow it up with a Brazilian Blowout. Since the cuticle is open from the color, it’s actually an even better time to do it. Again, be sure to let your stylist know your game-plan, since doing one treatment after the other can make your color a bit brighter.


Results should last anywhere from three to four months – possibly longer if you don’t wash your hair as regularly. The treatment is cumulative, so some of our clients who have done a number of Brazilian Blowouts already (and take care of the treatment) can actually stretch it to five months.

Hair returns to its usual curl pattern once it wears off. You’ll notice around the hairline first. That’s your indicator that it’s time to book another treatment.


Unlike keratin, it’s back to life as usual when you leave the salon. You won’t have to miss your evening workout or be worried about putting your hair up in a ponytail. You can also wait as long or as little as you’d like to wash it.

Can’t stress this enough: Use the Brazilian Blowout Aftercare products. The shampoos and conditioners are formulated to work with your treatment. With a blend of natural antioxidants that condition the hair cuticle, you get a boost each time you wash. It’s also important to know sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners actually shorten the life of your Brazilian Blowout. Don’t wash your blowout down the drain!


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