How to Find the Right Hair & Makeup Pro: A Q&A with Janelle Alexis Flatt

Janelle Alexis Flatt

March 1, 2020

It’s special occasion season and that means that wedding season is in full force! Yet that's only the beginning. Galas, maternity shoots, proms, parties, prom, cotillion, and other events are in full force. This is the time for Houstonians to sparkle and shine. For some, a new event pops on the calendar, and they are already on the phone to book their beauty appointment. 

Most times, a special occasion beauty routine is just "me, myself, and I". Maybe you have never considered hiring for a special occasion, or you had a bad experience. Don't let that discourage you! Professional hairstyling and makeup can give you a stunning look in no time - that stays no matter how crazy the dance floor gets.

Janelle Alexis Flatt, our owner, shares some things to know when it's time to call in a pro.

Q: As a person who has been in this beauty industry and seen it all, what do you believe makes being a part of someone’s day so special?

A: Beauty is my passion. I love helping to boost people’s outer radiance, but more importantly watch their inner self grow. Most women have dreamed about this big day for so long and make it an expectation to live up to that. So, I always try to listen first, then create. Since I am a quiet by nature, my calmness always helps with those pre-event jitters, plus keeping the craziness of the day away for a little and sticking to schedule. This day goes by incredibly fast; it is easy to get distracted, and I have literally had to take clients phones away from them before.

Q: What questions should the brides be asking to find the perfect stylist for them?

A: The more research, the better! Thank God for Google! Be on the look out for 5-star beauticians as well as “sponsored” results on Yelp, Google the Knot, Modern Luxury Weddings, and Houston Weddings. You will also want to see their past work, the more professional the photos, the better. Lastly, make sure to read those reviews!

Q: When is the timing best for booking hair and makeup? Any tips?

A: You should be booking hair and makeup 30-90 days in advance. Come prepared with pictures, pictures, pictures! The more inspo the better. You really do get what you pay for. Make sure to verify if your pro can travel to you if you would like on location services, as well as ask how big their team is for larger numbers requiring more services. Know what any additional cost will be and be on the lookout for those discounts!

“Take a deep breath, pay attention to those little details. And realize that this is the first day in a new chapter of your book of life.”

Q: After you decide on some possible artists, what is next?

A: a consultation is key if what you want is far different from your current style. Those looks are going to require a little more time and maybe some hair extensions.  So meet the pro beforehand (whether in person or virtually, as we now offer). From color services to adding hair extensions to airbrush tanning, I’ve helped mothers to be, newly engaged, you name it, to get their hair to their desired taste. It will also be important to meet with the bridal party, or any other requiring work beforehand as well. It is funny how much hair Junior Attendants can have! This will help me to assign enough staff to ensure everything is on time and on point!

Q: What are some warning signs those looking for glam should be aware of?

A: if your stylist is not asking questions, this could be a red flag. Always be speaking up about what you do and do not like, remember the stylists want what’s best for you. Define to them your version of “natural” and hit the road if you do not feel listened to. Seriously.

Q: What’s the best advice to give to brides (or anyone) on their special day?

A: Give your phone to someone else. It will stress you out, stress your stylist out, and it is your day!

Take a look at some of our brides in our bridal page or on our Instagram @janellealexissalon

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