How to Find the Right Hair & Makeup Pro: A Q&A with Janelle Alexis Flatt


March 1, 2020

Hello, special occasion season! Wedding season is in full force. Yet that's only the beginning. Galas, proms, parties, maternity shoots, all in the works. Now truly is the time for Houston's elite to shine. For some, a new event pops on the calendar and they're already on the phone to book their beauty appointment.

More often than not, a special occasion beauty routine is just "me, myself, and I". Maybe you've never tried hiring someone for a special event. Or, well, let's say you had a bad experience. Don't let that deter you! Professional hairstyling and makeup can get you a fresh look without lifting a finger - that stays no matter how crazy the dance floor gets.

Janelle Alexis Flatt, our owner, shares some things to know when it's time to call in a pro.

Q: As someone who has been in the beauty industry for decades what makes being a part of a someone’s big day so special?

A: Beauty is my passion. I enjoy boosting someone’s outer radiance but also watching their inner selves transform. Most women have fantasized about this big day for so long. It has to live up to that dream. So I always try to listen first, then create. Since I’m a quiet person by nature, my calmness always helps with pre-event jitters, plus keeping the day’s craziness away and sticking to schedule. This day goes by incredibly fast; it’s easy to get distracted. I’ve literally taken clients’ phones away befor

Q: So what should brides ask to even get started finding the perfect stylist?

A: Research is key! TGFG (Thank God for Google!). Make sure to not only look at “sponsored” aka paid results on Google, Yelp, or TheKnot, which we are a preferred provider on. Look for the true 5-star beauticians. You’ll want to see past work (the more professional the pictures, the better). And read those reviews.

Q: What is the best timing to book hair and makeup? Any tips?

A: You should book hair and makeup 30 – 90 days out. Don’t forget in your search: pictures, pictures, pictures! Here's our glam gallery to start with. It's easy to lock down your look with a little inspo. And, if you want on-location services, make sure your pro can travel to you. Ask how big their team is for larger events and bridal parties, what their level of involvement on the day-of will be, and any additional costs. Look out for those willing to discount services.You truly do get what you pay for.

“Take a deep breath, pay attention to the small details. And realize that this is the first day in a new chapter of your book of life.”

Q: Once you land on some possible artists, what's next?

A: Is what you want far different that your current style? A consult is key. Those loved looks may need a little more oomph. So meet your glam fairy before (whether in person or virtually, as we now offer). From color services to adding hair extensions to airbrush tanning, I’ve helped brides, mothers to be, newly-engaged couples, you name it, get their hair in shape thanks to the essence of time! Also it's important for me to see your bridal party or anyone else needing glam. It's funny how much hair Junior Attendants can have! This lets me assign enough staff - and of course keep everyone looking on-point.

Q: What warning signs should those looking for glam be aware of?

A: If your stylist isn't asking questions, it could be a bad sign. Speak up about what you like (and don't), including how much makeup you're used to wearing, what "natural" means to you, and any semi-permanent hair treatments that could affect styling. Hit the road if you don't feel listened to. Seriously.

Q: What's the most important advice for brides (or anyone!) on their big day?

A: Always book a run-through for hair and makeup. Waiting until the day of is simply too emotional and stressful for everyone involved. Also, if you are a high-anxiety person, have someone else be your buffer for anything that takes away from you peace.

All of my glam contracts have a tip sheet to ensure you’re perfectly ready for hair and makeup. Take a look here.

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