3 Tips to Being a Modern Mom - and Making It Look Easy

Janelle Alexis

July 8, 2019

So, this post is more than a month overdue (maybe two but who's counting?! However, that doesn't lessen my excitement. Honestly, I'm STILL excited!

Modern Luxury's Houston magazine named me as one of their Modern Moms. It's such an honor.

To see my daughter, Mia, and I sitting in my salon, in print?! Have to pinch myself to be sure it's real. They chose an incredible, strong group of women from many different backgrounds - and I couldn't be happier to be included.

Let's be real - it's not always easy. It's my personality to keep taking more and more on. Saying "no" to something new just doesn't happen with me.

On the roster now? Owning and working in Janelle Alexis Salon, getting my Bachelor's at University of Houston Downtown, and traveling across the country as a National Educator for Babe Hair Extensions. Did I mention my daughter is about to begin highschool? Life is crazy.

That's why it's so important for moms to take time for ourselves. Funnily enough, I actually love my quiet time. While I'm out of the house, I'm completely "on" and no one would guess I'm naturally quiet. So when I'm home, I love having some peace and quiet in my happy place with my family.

The best advice I have for juggling mommyhood and running a business is to take a time out either in the morning or at night. I take mine in the morning while I workout. It's my time to to regroup, reflect, and resize any situation. Everyone I work with knows this routine; they thankfully give me that precious time I need to be 100 percent.

Most importantly, with all the things women juggle each day, we all must realize we make mistakes. That's what makes us human. If something hits me by surprise (and trust me there have been plenty lately), I have to stop, take a step back, and think of the best way to handle it. Once I have a game plan - and calm the feistiness down - I know I can accomplish anything. Usually first reactions are not what people want from me.

Time is a funny thing. It keeps going. My daughter looked at me the other day to tell me how uncool I was - with typical teenage angst. So, also know your teen may not think you're cool, but I totally think I am!

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