Behind the Chair: Meet Dominic Mayson


February 1, 2020

You don't have a great organization without an amazing team, right? The same is true for a salon. Everyone from front of house to apprentices to junior and master stylists must work together to keep the salon running. After Janelle took over an existing Tanglewood salon in 2016, well, it wasn't always easy - and still isn't.

But the experienced, fun group she has curated certainly make the salon, the vibe, the personality. Always going above and beyond, whether it be a laser-focus on client satisfaction or helping with the many unexpected needs that pop up in the salon (you'd be surprised, but that is for another post!). As the heart and blood of the salon, it's time to get to know more about our team members: their backgrounds, specialities, and some fun stories that kept me wanting more.

While I had Dominic Mayson giving me the French balayage low-down, it was time to learn more about the master himself.

Let's start with how you got into the beauty industry.

I got into the business because of my love for fashion and beautiful things. I knew I couldn't make a dress for you know what, but I knew I could learn how to do hair! Even more, I wanted to do hair the French way. The more I heard that Americans can't compete, the more I was determined to prove them wrong.

Tell us more about you and your story.

I got started in the business when I was 18. Through friends' urging, I went and applied at Jacques Dessange here in Houston. It was a big deal for me at the time because the only other Dessange was in NYC. I knew it would be hard, challenging. But I also wanted the education and training that came with it. I can't tell you how bad I wanted it, so I dove into it.

I always thought to myself that you don't have to be French to be a good stylist; get the French training and hairdressing then make it my own. I became a sponge, watching, listening, training, and keping doing it over and over. My training as an assistant was hard. At times intimidating. I was introduced to the world of high society, learning how much hair played an important part in it. I worked my butt off, often staying after classes.

It was an exciting time in hair and fashion. Let's not forget the birth of the legendary Supermodels. Everything that I thought I kinda knew about hair, I was wrong. The French just have this unique approach to hair. And let me tell you, I was enraptured. My passion began going through my apprenticeship at Dessange. 30-plus years later, I still love what I do.

You started out with an amazing apprenticeship. Has it always been a smooth road?

The ride for the most part has been smooth. Had some bumps here and there when I was younger, but now I see that was immaturity.

Ok, time to brag. What are you most proud of, and what sets you apart from others?

I think I'm most proud of my ability to keep up with the styles and stay current, not being trapped doing the same thing on everyone. I listen to my clients; I'm not scissor-happy. I have integrity in what I do, and treat all of my clients the same way; regardless of financial status. Of course, I have those clients that feel like they are family. I'd like to think I'm a very giving person, and that doesn't necessarily mean monetarily.

What brought you to Janelle Alexis Salon - and what keeps you here?

Honestly, I started out of convenience and my best friend working there. I left a bad situation, but didn't want to leave the area. What keeps me there is my love and respect for Janelle.

Thanks for your time, Dom! Can't wait to have more blogs from you.

Don't forget to check out his newest blog on the true French balayage technique!

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