Keratherapy: The Newest Trend in Hair Straightening Treatments

Janelle Alexis

July 11, 2019

Summer 2019 is here! In Houston, we all know what the means for your hair. We try to fight the frizz with a hair straightener. Or over-use blowdryers trying to tame curls. That, combined with swimming, chlorine, and naturally being outside more is a recipe for disaster.

Some have tried professional straightening treatments like the Brazilian Blowout or Global Keratin.

Now, a new solution is on the scene. Keratherapy's Brazilian Renewal.

It's literally like a Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment married. There's no wait time for you (just rinse out, blowdry, and go), gives amazing shine, lasts up to 12 weeks, and actually repairs hair from the inside out. Basically, we love it. And clients are falling in love with results.

Typically, people used to think these treatments were just for those with curly, frizzy hair. But they are actually beneficial for any type of hair for no-frizz smoothing. It offers the greatest amount of curl reduction possible; all with less fumes than competitors.

Before carrying a product, it's super important for us to test it out. A few weeks ago, we hosted a model night for a few clients. My Junior Stylist, Morgan, and I tried out the treatment on guests, and I couldn't be more proud of not only the results but also how Morgan is growing in her career! Take a look at the results below.

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